Electronic Dental Records

What is Solumed EDR?

Solumed EDR (Electronic Dental Records) is computer software which includes comprehensive dental chartings, detailed implant history, progress notes, treatment plans, paperless filing, fee estimates and billing.

Clinical alerts

  • Warning of drug allergies.
  • Warning of other significant clinical conditions.
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  • Unique design displays periodontal, restorative and general observations on a single graphical chart.
  • Unlimited number of dental charts for each patient.
  • No special skills required to create a dental chart.
  • Much easier & quicker than paper charting.
  • Use the chart to easily explain treatment requirements to the patient.
  • Chart can be accessed by all members of staff.

Treatment plans

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning is faster and easier as all information is visible on a single screen.
  • Create professional and comprehensive fee estimates directly from the treatment plan.
  • Detailed treatment plan information for receptionists to book appropriate appointments.
  • Set recall dates in advance based on the treatment plans

Clinical Records

  • With digital medical records, important medical records are always on top, they don’t disappear into the depths of the conventional paper filing system.
  • Confidential medical and dental records are only accessible to designated users and are password protected. This is required by POPI (Protection of Personal Information act).
  • Capture intra and extra-oral observations.
  • Progress of treatment can be reviewed and printed.

Referrals and Reporting

  • Compile referral letters and reports rapidly using Soluwrite. Soluwrite is a unique document compiling tool developed by Solumed that makes writing reports simple, quick and intuitive.
  • Send charts and dental records to referred or referring practitioners.
  • Compile prescriptions directly from your desktop so that a record of medicines prescribed are recorded for later reference.
  • Share information with other practitioners.