What can Solumed Pathology do for you?

  • The doctor can request and view tests online enabling the doctor to monitor if the patient has actually been for the required test.
  • Pathology results are automatically received once issued by the laboratory.
  • Patients can be automatically notified by SMS or Email when results have been received.
  • Results can be automatically sent to patients by SMS or Email.
  • Doctors can be immediately alerted to abnormal or positive results for predefined tests.
  • Pathology results are attached to patients records.
  • Results can be compared to previous results to ascertain improvements or deterioration. These can be displayed in either a grid or graphical form.
  • Results cannot be lost.
  • Only users with appropriate levels of access to the system can access the results ensuring confidentiality of patient information.
  • Since results are stored in the database in an encrypted form, patient confidentiality is maintained.

Solumed Pathology tests online