What is SolumedPro?

Solumed Pro is a comprehensive Medical Software solution designed specifically for medical, dental and allied healthcare professions. From the smallest practice to the largest group of clinics, Solumed Pro is the ideal Medical Practice Management Solution which meets all medical aid requirements. Solumed Pro supplies the platform for optimal clinical and economic efficiency in your practice by providing a seamless workflow from the time a patient makes an appointment, to the billing and presenting of the statement.

SolumedPro Medical Software ensures that your practice operates efficiently and effectively by:
  • Capturing patient and related party information into the medical record system. This electronic patient record can be accessed for use in any of the modules.
  • Generating the patient’s account capture form. This document is then attached to the patient’s file together with all scanned documents such as medical aid cards & identity documents.
  • Making use of a comprehensive electronic appointment book that synchronizes seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. This ensures that appointments and tasks are recorded and billed.
  • Electronically storing email communication as part of a patient’s record.
  • Utilising the document management feature to easily find any document. All faxes, printed documents, emails, SMSs as well as scanned documents, reports or dictation files can be attached to the patient’s digital medical record.
  • Allowing you to set up your own templates to merge with information from a patient file or groups of files.
  • Generating amongst others, audit trails, age, fee and VAT analyses as well as referral and diagnosis reports.
  • Using the medical billing software built into Solumed Pro it is simple to bill your patient by printing or emailing the statement or invoice
  • Adhering to all South African Medical Aid requirements.