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Solumed’s software solutions has been used by medical, dental, and allied healthcare practitioners in South Africa, and beyond its borders, since 1987. Through a combination of clinical experience and software development, we aim to build long lasting partnerships with our clients.

The group operates across a common development platform with support teams able to support across the various companies. This has the advantage of giving the group greater agility in software development and implementation, as resources can be moved from project to project as required. It also exposes staff to a multitude of different scenarios which ensures that they have a more open-minded approach to problem solving.
The group has expertise in integrating with numerous systems including SAP. The in-house research and development department uses the latest Microsoft.NET framework and SQL server databases to develop high quality software programmes.

All installations conform to international standards. Programmes can be used as stand-alone or network applications, and used together, they form an integrated system.

The group supplies its software solutions to numerous companies of different sizes in South Africa and in international markets.

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Solumed is a Practice Management Solution Provider that’s different from the rest. We are passionate about what you do, taking great pride in developing the right products for you, and working hard to ensure that our service makes you smile.

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