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Medical Practice
Management Software

Solumed is a complete medical practice management platform that helps you effortlessly manage and streamline your practice efficiently. Our proven medical management software delivers valuable benefits to all medical specialists.

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Automate Patient Communication using Auto Communication

Solumed has been designed to simplify communication with your patients.

A benefit of being hosted on the Cloud is that you will have access to AutoComms which includes:

  • Automated communication using email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • The ability to create your own forms and questionnaires for patients to complete online
  • Updated forms and questionnaires integrate into
  • Solumed Pro to create or update patient accounts automatically
  • Completed clinical questionnaires integrate into Solumed’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Send automated communication based on various events that occur in Solumed Pro (example: appointment reminders; follow-up messages after treatment; recalls reminding patients to come for regular check-ups)
  • Add clinical tags to a Patient for messaging (example: patients who have had joint replacements could get a reminder to take their antibiotics an hour before they arrive for their dental appointment)

Our Products

Solumed Pro is a comprehensive Practice Management Software Suite for medical professionals.
Solumed Workflow is an easy-to-follow worklist management tool for medical practices.
Effectively Manage Radiology Sites using Solumed Radiology Information Systems (RIS).
Solumed Vet is our Practice Management Solution specifically designed for Veterinary practices.

What's New?

In the cloud

Work from anywhere on Solumed Pro Cloud Hosting

Login to Solumed Pro from anywhere with reasonable internet. With daily backups there is no risk of server theft or corruption. Enables you to send automated communication to patients based on forms and questionnaires, or procedure codes.

Secure your data and work remotely in the Cloud

Upgrade to the cloud to access these benefits:

  • Automated back-ups once a day
  • Automated Tariff Sync, done daily
  • Access to Auto Communication, our automated communications module
  • 99% up time and Virus free
  • You can access your data anywhere, anytime
  • No data loss in the case of theft or a server crash

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