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Yes, we can host your practice on our cloud server which would allow you to work from anywhere with a reasonable internet connection. Your data will be automatically backed up in the cloud as well.

Yes you are able to run a tariff sync manually, or if you are hosted on our cloud we will automatically run the tariff sync for you every night. If you are using private tariffs you can stick to those, without running a manual tariff sync, and if you are on cloud we won’t run an auto-sync.

Yes you can submit claims electronically, and receive feedback for those claims, as well as easily process the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) received from the Medical Aid.

It is possible to create as many billing macro codes as required, so that you do not need to recapture multiple fee codes for procedures that require the same fee codes to be rebilled.

It is possible to customise our software based on your requirements.

Yes it is possible to import data from other PMAs.

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