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Encrypted Statements
Encrypted Statements

Solumed Pro Prevents Hacking With Encrypted Statements

Solumed Pro protects your practice and your patients from falling victim to hackers who can intercept documents from vulnerable email systems. Solumed prevents this from happening thanks to encrypted statements and invoices.

A new and increasing threat to medical practices and their patients is hackers who intercept important medical documents like statements and invoices sent to patients from practices. The goal of the hackers who intercept these documents is to then changing the practice’s banking details to their own, which leads to the patient making payment to the incorrect account, i.e. the hacker’s accounts and not the practice’s account. This leads to financial loss and frustration all around. 

The practice that has been targeted may suffer loss in patients who no longer trust the practice handling their statements along with losing the patients’ payments due to interceptions.

Solumed Pro has a secure solution that mitigates the risk to medical practices and patients with regards to this type of hacking with our encrypted statements and invoices function. When important medical documents are sent out to patients via Solumed Pro software, the encrypted statements and invoices can only be opened by the patient it is intended for.

The way this is done, is to require that the statement or invoice be viewed only once the patient has entered their South African ID number or passport number.

This encrypted statement or invoice can then not be intercepted and changed by hackers as the feature in Solumed Pro forces the capture of the patient’s information before anything can be opened. For this encryption feature to work, once turned on, the patient’s ID or passport number needs to be captured on Solumed Pro. If there is no ID or passport captured there would be no way for the system to encrypt the document. 

Below you can view a step by step guide to assist you in setting up this feature and ensuring that your practice’s statements and invoices are not intercepted, keeping your practice running smoothly and your patients satisfied.

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