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Tariff Season
Tariff Season

Tackle Tariff Season Like A Pro With Solumed Pro

Streamline the tough tariff season by upgrading to Solumed Pro – at no extra cost to existing Solumed Pro users. With our innovative Solumed Pro software, the entire tariff season changes are streamlined, saving you time and money.

Read below how Solumed Pro can streamline tariff changes and what other benefits you get by upgrading. 

Tariff Season Taken Care Of

As the files are received from the tariff provider, they are automatically updated into Solumed Pro. So, instead of spending time on a support call to manually update these, you can make yourself a nice cup of coffee while Solumed Pro automatically does it for you. 

Tariff Season

Other Solumed Pro Benefits

Apart from this life-altering automatic tariff update benefit, we have other cool features on offer including:
  • Bank Import: Import your bank statements into Solumed Pro to consolidate and allocate payments received.
  • Signature: Add a signature to documents in the EMR such as reports or scripts and get patients to sign documents electronically via the EMR.
  • Appointment Audit: Review the full history of an appointment including any changes that were made, and when they were made.
Tariff Season

As with everything in life, T's & C's apply

The practice would have to upgrade to the latest version of Solumed Pro to enjoy the benefit of having tariffs automatically updated as we receive them. Live Tariff rates provided will be based on the MEDICAL AID selected on the account. 

To best serve your practice and the needs of your patients, Solumed Pro has been developed as a scalable solution to suit the unique requirements of your practice and ensure that you tackle the 2023 tariff season with ease. 

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