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Electronic Dental Record
Electronic Dental Record

Electronic Dental Record Keeping Is Integral To Running A Practice

Running a dental practice can seem like a lot of admin. But Solumed’s software solutions can assist you in effectively running your practice, especially when it comes to important things like electronic dental record keeping. 

Read below how important it is to have comprehensive electronic dental record keeping software and how this can benefit your practice.

Avoid Malpractice Litigation

One of the major stresses for dental and medical practice managers and owners is ensuring compliance and avoiding malpractice litigation. Malpractice litigation is not only costly, but can ruin your practice’s reputation, which could negatively affect the way you run your business. 

When you have reliable and logical software which ensures that everything is stored electronically, you can reduce or even eliminate the possibility of malpractice litigation and possible claims. With Solumed Pro, all the dental data is easily retrievable, which means you have proof of procedures done, which reduces your risk of litigation and also improves on your patient care in general. All of these benefits contribute to successful dental practice building.

Single Electronic Dental Record Keeping

Dental photographs, detailed questionnaires, 2D and 3D digital images all contain essential patient information. However, it’s ultimately up to the dental practitioner to combine the observations from these sources into a single electronic record used for patient care and a possibly very effective defense against litigation. The electronic dental records prove beyond doubt that the practitioner was aware of information contained in all the data sources.

Solumed Pro’s electronic dental record software standardises and speeds up the recording of data with no special skills required other than typing and clicking a mouse.

The software displays the coronal, radicular and periodontal graphics in a single view enabling a better visualisation of the relationships of the three regions. As the teeth and periodontium are intimately related, it makes sense to view all the conditions on a composite chart. On the same chart it’s easy to display interproximal contacts, spaces and splints, impactions, pain, mobility, rotation and angulation, vitality, endodontics, mucosal disease, root disease and orthodontic brackets. Probing depths, gingival recession gingival attachment, plaque, calculus and exudate are all displayed in different colours on this chart clearly demonstrating endo-perio and perio-restorative relationships.

Effective Electronic Dental Record Keeping

Electronic dental record keeping provides many additional features not available on a paper record.

Solumed Pro provides you with the predefined areas to record information about medication, medic alert, medical history as well as the head and neck regions.

Once data has been entered into the electronic dental record, it can be locked to prevent any form of modification by anyone. Text can also be flagged as confidential preventing it from being viewed by anyone without the requisite password.

Solumed Pro easily integrates with most of the popular digital imaging systems, which means it can probably be easily integrated into your dental practice’s existing procedures. 

To best serve your dental practice and the needs of your patients, Solumed has been developed as a scalable solution to suit the unique requirements of your practice and ensure the that electronic dental record keeping is effective enough to support and assist in expanding your practice. 

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